Your Investment

Before I photograph your wedding, lets start a new friendship and tell me what's important to you.

Unlike most variables involved in a Wedding, Photography is one of few vital componants you will store away and keep forever. It will always be a reminder of all the joy, tears & laughter on what is said to be the 'biggest day of you life'

Your wedding photographs will be an investment in preserving your unique story. It will be a beautiful token which will make you look back on and feel proud of.

All clients can enjoy accessing their photographs via a secure mini site which they can share with friends and families.


It goes without saying memories of special events are among our most treasured possessions. Weddings come no differently and your photographs will make certain this amazing day will not fade.

After all your wedding vows are said and done, your wedding ornaments and priceless moments will outlive all other things you invest in on your big day.