A little about me

If you need me to be with you from the moment you become the most beautiful bride and handsome groom ever, all the way through until you are in eachothers arms, making your first dance steps, with the world around you out of focus. I will be there.

I don't believe in limiting myself to a certain amount of photos. Emotions, life and your uncle’s moves on the dancefloor happen when you least expect it.

Every picture needs to be a beautiful composition. A composition which symbolises the love and warmth between people. It must reflect the essence of colour, the moments and the life of a celebration. Only then it can form a flawless masterpiece.

Three things which describe me:

1) I ♥ my job. On this note, I do not work for a company; I work for my own name and every shot I capture has the value of my signature going on it

2) I am a visual artist who is always open to trying out new things

3) My prices don’t include any hidden extras, letting you know exactly how much your investment will cost

Let's get in touch to discuss your requirements

Outside photography, I like building things and doing DIY work. I am a massive fan of aerial cinematography which brings together InfinityAir

I love travelling and exploring different parts of Incredible India! I have an eye for clean typography too